Legal Design Arc.
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Transforming Law by Design Innovation


Who are we?

Legal Design Arc is a legal design consultancy based in India, established with the aim to transform the delivery of legal services. With a team of designers and lawyers working  together, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach for solving legal problems.


Research Contributions

We use novel design thinking research methods and a trail of new research output reporting for effective research contributions, currently we are exploring the nitty gritties of Tele medicine in Inidian

Visual Contracts & Digital Contracts

We closely explore the area visual contracts and are credited with a band of visual contract templates to help improve the experience of the contracting parties and improve communication of risks and liabilities

LD Tools and Techniques

We are a innovation centered organization and believe that law must use technology for a viable future. To this end our labs  tirelessly experiment and develop LD tools and techniques for our stakeholders.

Structural Policy Designing

We at LD'Arc use design thinking to develop more practicable policies for governmental organizations.

Law Course Transformation

We have a wide portfolio of legal course transformation offerings for Ed Tech and Educational Institutions, we are motivated to make legal education interactive.


Our Services

Our Work


Events & Engagements

Design Thinking Camps

Design Sprints

Design Jams


Workshops & Training

Law Firms 

Legal Design Solutions for better management 

Visual Contracts 

Digital Contracts 


Contract Transformation for short legal cycle 

Visual Contract | Digital Contract | Contract Automation 

Strategic Business Management through Design Thinking

Law Tech

User-Centric Solutions for technology in Law

Educational Institutions/Edtech Platforms

Complete course transformation using legal design tools and interactive techniques 

Government Organizations/Policymakers

Strategic Design Thinking for better policymaking and governance.